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Best for lifting loads that may be balanced or unbalanced.

Stabilised framework and maximum deck support for loads up to 50% off centre.

Rugged construction with heavy duty frame, rams and bearings.

Capacities up to 90,000kg.

Deck sizes to 3,500 x 12,000mm.

Travel heights up to 7,300mm.

The Torklift, T-Series, of lifts follows the design of "conventional" Scissor Lifts with built-in American Lift principles.

Stabilised lift arms allow offset loading of balanced or uneven loads of up to 50%. Versatile design is adaptable to meet extended width requirements of custom designs whilst maintaining load stability.

Minimum maintenance is required due to generous sizing of shafts and rollers. The selection of bearing materials assures minimal friction at pivot and wear points. T2, (two stage) and T3 (three stage) Scissor Lifts offer travel heights of up to 7.3m and capacities from 500kg to 9000kg.

The T-Series of Scissor Lifts uses widely spaced lifting arms. Generously sized clevis mounts at the pivot end with encapsulated seal roller bearings at the rolling end locate these arms. Encapsulation of the rollers allows a degree of cantilever loading, within design limits, at both ends of the lift deck. For those applications where a severely cantilevered load may tend to tilt the table, non-captive rollers as used by others, are unsuitable.

We are not aware of any other manufacturer in Australia who offers any or all of these above features.


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