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Scissor Lifts manufactured by Austral Systems conform to the requirements of United States Standard ANSI MH 29.1 1994 (Safety Requirements for Industrial Scissor Lifts) and defer to the Australian Crane Code AS 1418.8 where applicable.

The Scissor Lift controls are normally "constant-press" type which requires the operator to maintain pressing the control to continue the selected movement. Releasing the control will cause the lift motion to cease. The controls are clearly marked "Raise" & "Lower". Unless special circumstances require, the control voltage is 24Vac. Other controls such as PLC, etc., require special consideration of guarding to protect the operator.

The preferred guarding, supplies as standard, is a flexible vinyl accordian skirting around the deck perimeter. The folds are reinforced against deflection by the insertion of soft-ended, 5mm galvanised steel stiffening rods. The accordian skirting provides primary safety from contact with pinch and shear points located within the scissor mechanism. To assist maintenance personnel in an unhindered access to the mechanism, every accordian skirt is fitted with a minimum of (4) maintenance straps.

Every Scissor Lift incorporates maintenance locks to secure the lift in an elevated position for personnel access as required. Maintenance Lock instructions are printed on a permanent metal label, in bold letters, on yellow background, secured to the lift frame by drive screws. Instructions are printed clearly in English.

Hydraulic circuits incorporate tamper proof, non-adjustable pressure compensated flow control valves connected by hard piping to hydraulic ram(s) for descent speed regulation and thus limiting lowering rate to less than the accepted maximum allowable of 100mm per second. Other controls such as velocity fuses can be fitted as required.

Every Scissor Lift has a dedicated Serial Number and all lifts are full-load tested to our standard procedure prior to shipment and test sheets recorded in an individual engineering file.

Each Scissor Lift is fitted with our manufacturers metallic nameplate, secured to the lift frame by drive screws. This plate includes the name of the manufacturer (Austral Systems P/L), Model Number, Serial Number, Date of Manufacture and Rated Lifting Capacity (Kg).

As required by United States Standard ANSI MH 29.1 1994, all ductile elements of the Scissor Lifts have a strength factor of not less than 3:1.

After receipt of a Purchase Order and prior to manufacture, Austral Systems P/L will provide (2) copies of a General Arrangement Drawing for the client's approval. One copy of the drawing is to be retained by the client and the other is to be signed and/or noted as applicable and returned to Austral Systems P/L.


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