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  > Single and Double Arm Series

Suitable for large or heavy loads where stability is important.

Ideal for feeding or stacking sheets, feeding and accumulating, or large assembly work.

Designed for maximum strength and stability.

Very smooth operation.

Special optional equipment for unique handling or safety needs.

Capacities up to 10,800kg.

Deck sizes to 1,500 x 5,0800mm.

Travel heights up to 1,800mm.

Single Arm Lifts, the S-Series, have a centrally positioned lift arm with widely spaced, independent stabiliser arms. Generously sized clevis mounts at the pivot end locate these arms with encapsulated sealed roller bearings at the rolling end.

The higher capacity lifts have double overhung roller bearings encapsulated in opposed hot rolled steel channel section frames, (as for the D-Series Lifts). By using double overhung design, torsional loading of the arm is removed.

Double Arm Lifts, the D-Series, are unique in that the two lift arms act directly at the ends of the frame throughout the entire lift stroke. Unlike simple mechanisms that have increasing cantilevered loads as the vertical travel increases.

Full-length stabiliser arms, as for simple lifts also support the entire structure. Depending upon the application, the stabiliser arms may be spaced farther apart for stability.


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