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  > Compact Series

Suitable for various height workstations and lifting palletised loads.

Compact dimensions, ideal in confirned spaces.

High load capacity.

Ergonomic design with space for operators feet when standing close.

Oversize hydraulic cylinder and low friction joints give smooth precise operation.

Capacities up to 5,400kg.

Deck sizes to 1,220 x 2,440mm.

Travel heights up to 2,100mm.

The Compact range of lifts, the P-Series, is ideal for handling concentrated loads and pallets and skids in congested minimum space areas.

The special design characteristic of these lifts achieves a high ratio of load capacity and vertical travel to floor space occupied by the lift. In certain circumstances, the power pack is located external to the lift frame and even smaller "Space Saver" decks can be fitted.

Basically, this series of Scissor Lifts is designed for high capacity, small deck applications.


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